3. Setting up the Android app

Setting up steps for the Trid - City Guide Android app


  • A device running Android 5.0 or newer

  • The latest version of Android Studio

Try to place the project file as close to root (D:/) as possible as windows has a path character limit of 240chars. So, if you get the error:"Failed to crunch file...", reduce the path length.

Ex: D:\Projects\YourProject

Importing and running

  1. Open Android Studio and click 'open an existing Android Studio project'.

Android Studio

Make sure that you have installed Android SDK Tools, Android SDK Platform-tools, Android SDK Build-tools, Android Support Repository, Android Support Library and Google Play services.

2. Choose the 'Trid-CityGuide' folder and click "Open"

3. Go to your Firebase Console and download the 'google-services.json' file and replace the placeholder in app/google-services.json. If you skip this step you will encounter an error during compile time.

google-services.json file

4. Press the Play button to test the app on the emulator or connect your phone via USB to your computer to try it on your phone.

Update contact info

Open file "trid/app/src/main/res/values/strings.xml" to update your application info